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9 Steps to Get Your AC Summer-Ready

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Warm Weater

While San Bernardino County is experiencing the perfect weather Spring has to offer, the summer heat is just around the corner. Soon you will be running your air conditioning system throughout the day, provide comfort and peace of mind throughout your home.

However, if your unit isn’t ready for the work, that could be an expensive undertaking. Not only could you experience possible repairs and even complete replacement if your AC system is on its last legs, it can result in higher utility bills.

The following are simple steps to get your air conditioning system ready for the warm summer months:

  1. Change the filters – Considered of the most easiest, and effective, steps of AC maintenance, replacing your filters at least once a month can keep your unit running smoothly.
  2. Clear the condensation lines – Clogging can occur in the pipe which extracts condensation away from the unit, potentially backing up into the air conditioner (or into your home) that can be costly. To prevent this from happening, find out where the pipe drains and ensure that it is properly draining.
  3. If you have an outside unit, remove debris – Leaves, grass, plants, and debris located close to your outside unit can hinder the performance of your AC. Before you start using your unit, mow the lawn, clear out any debris, and remove plants that block the AC.
  4. Clean the coils – During the wintertime, your AC’s outside unit has been battling the elements and attracting various forms of debris. If your unit isn't covered with a tarp, it is prone to clogging, resulting in your AC running ineffectively. Ensure the power is off and hose down the outdoor unit to clean it.
  5. Brush the fins – When the outside unit fins are cleaned, your AC will run smoother. With a soft brush, gently run it across the fins.
  6. Inspect the concrete slab – Make sure the concrete slab is leveled. If it is not, then the unit must use more power and energy to cool your home. If the slab isn’t level, use a board to pry it up and add a small amount of gravel underneath to ensure it is. Once you’re done, remove the board.
  7. Clean the evaporator – The evaporator can be found just above the furnace. If you see either a foil-wrapped plenum or one encased in a metal box. If you notice the foil, you can access your evaporator and clean it. If you notice a metal box, you cannot access your evaporator.
  8. Ensure your ductwork is not leaking – Leaking ducts can make your HVAC work harder than it should. When the ducts are properly sealed, it can generate substantial savings on cooling and heating. Keep an eye out for small holes, separated pieces, and disconnected joints. If you discover any leaks, seal them with tape that has an Underwriters Laboratories logo.
  9. Install a programmable thermostat – Having a programmable thermostat can provide significant energy savings by controlling the overall temperature of your home—even when you’re away from work. It is pretty simple to set up.

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