Video Inspection

The Benefits of a Video Line Inspection

Among the most helpful advancements in plumbing technology over the years has been the advent of the video camera inspection. Whether your pipe is clogged, bellied, or completely disconnected, a video camera inspection will allow your plumber to quickly and accurately detect the issue, so you never have to worry about problems deep in your lines. At All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, our drain and sewer pros offer cutting-edge video inspections to help identify a range of problems. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a video line inspection, and remember that you can count on All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Electrical for all of your essential plumbing needs.

Why You Should Consider Calling for a Video Plumbing Inspection

  1. Video Inspections Detect a Range of Issues: As mentioned above, having your drain and sewer lines inspected with cutting-edge video technology allows you to catch multiple issues, deep down in your system. From pipes that have broken or collapsed, to nasty clogs that are causing back-ups and foul odors, there’ almost no problem that a video inspection can’t detect. Speaking of which…
  2. Video Inspections Stop Root Intrusion: Root intrusion is one of the most insidious plumbing issues, because it starts out with a small leak, and grows into a big problem. The tree and shrub roots in your yard are naturally attracted to the moisture in your drain and sewer lines, which acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. When these roots start to grow around or even into the line, they can cause clogs and even breakages, interfering with your entire plumbing system. Unless you have strategically planted the trees in your yard, root intrusion can be hard to prevent. It is also hard to detect. However, with a video camera inspection, we can identify whether you are dealing with root intrusion, and pinpoint the specific spot where roots have entered your line.
  3. Video Inspections Track the Health of Your Pipes: Over the years, your pipes are bound to accumulate a certain amount of dirt and grime. With a video inspection, we can figure out the severity of that dirt and grime, and assess whether your lines need any extensive replacements or repairs. These inspections involve hi-tech cameras, attached to a cable that can be fed all the way down your drain and sewer system. This will allow you to see the health of your lines in real time, while allowing us to record how they are holding up over the years.
  4. Video Inspections Prevent Property Damage: As we track the health of your lines with our reliable video inspections, we can also track any damage that is occurring. From root intrusion to disconnections, this will allow us to determine whether you could benefit from something like hydro jetting or trenchless sewer relining. Without these services, you may not only experience clogs and back-ups on your property, you could find yourself dealing with a toxic sewage leak. Wastewater leaks cause a ton of property damage, and present a serious health hazard in addition to being expensive to correct, so do not hesitate to contact us for a video line inspection today.
  5. Video Inspections Are Fast & Affordable: In the past, examining your sewer line meant digging up your entire yard. This excavation process was labor-intensive and expensive, unlike our fast, efficient video camera inspections. Now, we can feed our cameras into your line and identify problems the same way. This saves you money because it helps us detect and stop damage faster. Plus with other money-saving specials, it’s easy to get an affordable sewer or drain line inspection when you hire our experts at All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Electrical.

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