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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Fuse Box to a Breaker Panel

If you are considering making upgrades to your home’s electrical system, a good place to start is by replacing your fuse box with a circuit breaker panel. In principle, fuses and circuit breakers do the same thing: interrupting the flow of current to prevent damage to your equipment. However, circuit breakers present several notable advantages over fuses, which is why they are so much more common in modern homes. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider upgrading your fuse box to a breaker panel, and remember that you can count on our expert electricians at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical for all of your electrical service needs.

Why Homeowners Prefer Circuit Breakers to Fuses

When a circuit breaker “trips,” that means it has detected a “fault” in your electrical system. A fault is basically any kind of abnormal electric current. When a fault occurs, your wiring can potentially overheat, causing a ton of problems for your electrical equipment and potentially putting your home in danger. You may have also heard of GFCI outlets before, which are installed to cut off electrical flow instantly, even before your circuit breaker (GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupter.”)

Fuses essentially provide the same safety measure, breaking the flow of current to a circuit to prevent any damage to your home’s electrical appliances. The difference is that every time a fuse trips, it needs to be replaced. This can be a pretty big hassle, especially in comparison to circuit breakers, which simply need to be flipped back into position once they have cut off the flow of current. Moreover, even working in conjunction with GFCI outlets, fuses do not respond as quickly as circuit breakers do, so they may be less effective at preventing dangerous situations. For this reason, fuse boxes tend to only be common in older homes; the modern standard for houses built today is an electrical panel with circuit breakers.

The top advantages of a circuit breaker panel over a fuse box panel are:

  • They are more effective
  • They are safer
  • They are more convenient
  • They are less costly (as you do not need to worry about replacing fuses)

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