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Hydrojetting Services

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Do you have an obnoxious clog in one of your drain lines? Is a stubborn blockage preventing several different fixtures in your home from draining properly? Drains can be stubborn and getting them free, clear, and moving again used to a huge hassle in the past. But today, modern technology has made clearing away stubborn drain clogs easier than ever before. One of these modern technologies is known as “hydrojetting,” and it’s one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective drain care services you can get for your home or business!

Hydrojetting is a fairly simple process. Using the power of water under extremely high pressure, hydrojetting obliterates clogs in your drain lines using a safe, all-natural process that doesn’t damage your pipes, doesn’t pollute the environment with harsh chemicals, and yet leaves your drains as clean as the day they were first installed!

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How It Works

The hydrojetting process uses a specialized tool—a metal head with a specialized high-pressure nozzle on the front and several other lower-power jets along the sides. This nozzle is attached to a pressure washer using a long hose. After conducting a camera inspection in order to determine exactly what’s going on in your drain lines (as well as whether or not your drain lines are in good enough condition to handle a hydrojetting service), your Ontario plumber feeds the tool into your drain line at an access cover. The pressure washer is then turned on, and a jet of water fires out the front of the nozzle at pressures as high as 5,000 PSI!

As the tool is pushed forward into your drain line, the water jet out of the front of the nozzle obliterates any clogs in its path—food waste, hair, grime, soap scum, and even tree roots all don’t stand a chance. While this is happening, the smaller jets around the sides of this nozzle are blasting the walls of your drain lines, scrubbing them clean and leaving them waste and debris-free while also flushing the waste away down your line. Once the clog in your line is dismantled, the nozzle is removed, and the remaining debris is pulled out along with it. Once the process is complete, your drain line is not only clear and obstruction-free, but the clean walls also give new grime nothing to grab onto, preventing future clogs from forming for a very long time.

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A hydrojetting service is not only a great solution to your clogged drain issue, but also a great maintenance procedure to keep your drains running free and clear. When done by the skilled plumbers at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, you can trust that the job will be done right and your drains will look and function as well as they did the day the were installed. We truly care about your home, and that’s why we offer outstanding services using the latest tools and customer service that exceeds your expectations. If you’re not fully satisfied with the plumbing service you receive, we don’t believe we’ve done our job properly.

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