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Trenchless Sewer Relining

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Over time, your sewer line will progressively start to corrode, degrade, and eventually need to be replaced. While leaks can often be patched, there will eventually come a time where you need a new sewer line entirely. In the past, a sewer line replacement was a nightmare that no homeowner wanted to think about—a plumbing company would have to excavate your old pipe by digging up your yard and physically removing the pipe from the ground. The procedure was expensive, took a long time, and made you have to completely remodel your yard in order to restore your property back to normal.

However, thanks to modern technology, digging up your sewer line may very well be a thing of the past. Trenchless sewer relining is an easier, cost-effective process which involves only two small holes, but provides you with a durable, reliable sewer line that will last for many years! Plus, because this process is so much easier than excavation, it’s also cheaper, which means it keeps more money in your pocket and your sewer line working.

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How Trenchless Sewer Relining Works

As the name implies, trenchless sewer relining does not require digging a massive trench in your yard to remove your old, worn-out sewer line. Instead, this process uses the old sewer line as a sort-of “template” in which a new sewer line will be run. The process starts with two small holes in the ground, one on each end of the section of sewer line that’s being replaced. The line is cut at this point, and a special line is fed through the damaged section.

The plumber then pulls a fabric liner doused in high-quality resin through the entire length of the damaged section. That liner is then capped and attached to an air compressor, which fills it with air and blows it up like a balloon and fill the interior space of your old sewer line. Once the resin dries, it creates a waterproof, durable, and rigid sewer line that will function exactly as your old one would, all without ever having removed or dug up your pipe! The new section is then attached to your plumbing system, and the holes around the sewer line are filled in again and your life goes back to normal!

Trenchless sewer relining is a much quicker and easier way of completely replacing your sewer line. This process works for sewer lines of many different sizes, from small diameters to large pipes designed for multi-family or even some commercial sewer line connections. The entire process can be completed in as little as one to two working days, and the new pipe linings are rated to last for as much as 50 years or more!

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