For many homeowners, mature landscaping and trees are an essential part of good curb appeal. But what no one ever thinks about when it comes to trees is their very real potential for infiltrating sewer lines. Yep, you heard that right – it’s a common problem for tree roots to literally break through sewer lines in search of water. Once that happens and they begin growing inside of your pipes, the real trouble begins.

If you’ve been having some plumbing difficulties lately, you could potentially have tree roots growing in your sewer lines. Here are some signs to watch out for.

Slow Emptying Drains & Gurgling Toilets

When sewer lines become clogged with tree roots, wastewater cannot flow properly through your lines. Since that water has no other place to go, the result is clogged drains and backed up toilets in your home. If you hear a gurgling noise coming from a sink drain or toilet, that’s another indication that you have a clogged sewer line. The gurgling noise comes from air bubbles trapped within the area of the clog escaping up through your drains.

Bad Odors

A sewage odor on your property is never a good sign. If you smell something funky in your yard or coming up from your drains, that’s a pretty big indicator that you have a problem with your sewer line. You may potentially just need to have your sewer lines cleaned, but if a video inspection of your sewer line reveals a tangled mass of tree roots and an area of cracked or crushed pipe, you’ll need to discuss sewer line repair with your plumber. In many cases, trenchless sewer repair methods are a good way to resolve this issue with minimal disruption to your property.

Puddles & Sinkholes

Never ignore a strange puddle or exceptionally soggy or lush area of your yard. All that water has to be coming from somewhere, and it very well could be coming from an area of damaged sewer line that is leaking contaminated water into your yard. This is a huge hygienic concern and poses an added risk of attracting pests onto your property, so call a plumber and have this problem checked out as soon as possible. If tree root ingress is the culprit, you’ll need to have the affected area of pipe cleaned out and repaired/replaced.

Don’t Ignore a Sewer Line Problem!

When it comes to your plumbing, especially when your sewer line is involved, you can’t afford to take any chances. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs and backups, call All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical today to request a sewer line inspection. Our experienced plumbers can locate the exact cause of the problem, whether it’s tree roots growing in your drain lines or another common problem. Whatever you’re facing, we have the tools and expertise to solve it professionally and affordably.

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