Duct cleaning may seem like a new thing, but it’s not. Just like any appliance, your heating and cooling systems need ongoing maintenance and inspection. Duct cleaning is a form of system maintenance. You can improve the operation of your entire HVAC system by simply cleaning your air ducts. Replacing your filters regularly reduces the amount of debris and dust that makes it into your ductwork, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Your HVAC system gets dirty like all things get dirty when used regularly – and few things are used more in your home than your HVAC system. In addition to improved operation, cleaning your air ducts can significantly improve the air quality in your home and lower your energy bills. A dirty HVAC system must work harder to get the job done, which shortens the lifespan of your appliance. If you’re not sure if you need duct cleaning, you can schedule an inspection with an HVAC maintenance professional.

Four Signs Your Air Ducts are Dirty

If you aren’t sure if you need air duct cleaning, you can inspect your home for signs your air ducts are compromising the air quality in your home and the effectiveness of your HVAC system. There are several signs and symptoms displayed by dirty air ducts, for example:

Mold Growth: Mold growth could be the insidious invader causing health problems in your home. If you’ve noticed an increase in allergy and respiratory issues in your home, your air ducts could be spreading mold spores around your home. Your HVAC system creates moisture while operating and that condensation can leave the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Continued exposure to mold can be harmful to your health and create poor air quality throughout your home.

Excessive Dust: No matter how much you clean your house, dirt and dust will make their way into your air ducts. Unfortunately, dust is a persistent pest that doesn’t go away simply because you’ve cleaned for the day. However, if you’ve dusted recently and the flat surfaces of your home seem to be covered with an excessive amount of dirt and dust, your air ducts could be to blame.

Rodent Infestation: Rodents and insects gravitate to the warmth and clutter in the ductwork. They can build nests inside your ductwork and make their way through your home to find water and food. If pests are in your ductwork, they will leave fecal matter behind that can lead to odd odors coming from your HVAC system. If you notice odd smells coming from your vents, you could have rodents or insects in your ductwork. The spores from the fecal matter negatively impact the air quality in your home.

Rising Energy Costs: When you notice spiking energy costs that seem to persist regardless of the season, you could have problems with your ductwork. Dirty ductwork can cause your HVAC system to need to work harder to heat or cool your home. Air cannot flow freely in dirty ductwork. Additionally, when your HVAC system works harder, it leads to significantly higher electrical bills.

If You Need Air Duct Cleaning, Call a Professional!

Air duct cleaning is an important service that protects your HVAC system, improves the air quality in your home, and reduces energy costs. Duct cleaning isn’t a DIY job; it requires professional knowledge of HVAC systems and how to safely dispose of the allergens and contaminated debris and dust that could be in your system. All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Electrical offers residential and commercial customers safe and affordable air duct cleaning services. Call our experienced technicians today at (909) 500-8193 to schedule an appointment.