Other than your bathroom, your kitchen is where you interact most directly with your plumbing system. You need clear pipes, working faucets, and functioning appliances to cook food, clean, and generally create a comfortable environment. At All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we are committed to helping customers get their dream kitchen, which is why we are writing about five plumbing upgrades to consider making to your kitchen now. Keep reading for our suggestions, and remember that for all your kitchen plumbing needs, you can always count on All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.

5 Kitchen Plumbing Upgrades We Can Help You Make Today

  1. New Faucets: Without a working faucet, you pretty much can’t do anything in your kitchen. Plus, even a faucet that leaks a little bit can waste a ton of water, tacking on a lot of unnecessary costs in utility bills over time. That’s why at All Pro, we are thrilled to be able to provide faucet upgrades to meet every homeowner’s needs. From rust and sediment build-up to full-on cracking and breaking, we can make sure your water is running smoothly again in no time. And if the faucet alone isn’t enough, we also can assist with…
  2. New Sinks: Whether your sink is causing a plumbing issue or just feels outdated for your current needs, there’s no reason to put up with it any longer once you’ve got All Pro on your side. From undermounts to kitchen islands to double basins, we’ll make sure your sink is attractive and completely functional with the rest of your kitchen.
  3. Garbage Disposals Upgrades: Speaking of functional sinks and kitchens, too many homeowners often neglect to deal with a garbage disposal issue before it’s too late. We know that this isn’t a fun upgrade to make, but we promise, a working garbage disposal will make your life a lot easier in the long run, and it’s always better to have this job done by a professional rather than taking a risk and doing it yourself. Contact All Pro for efficient garbage disposal upgrades if you are having a problem with the blades, if there’s a funky smell coming from your disposal, or if any other part of your system is malfunctioning. And remember, to help your unit work better and last longer, make sure to put classic garbage disposal traps like coffee grounds, eggshells, fibrous vegetables, starches, rinds, peels, seeds, and bones directly into the trash can.
  4. Dishwasher Repairs: Are you having problems with your dishwasher? Rather than replacing your whole unit, make sure to check the lines connecting it to your larger plumbing system first. A lot of homeowners neglect to do this, which is how you end up clogging your dishwasher and causing a ton of other problems. At All Pro, our skilled kitchen plumbers can inspect your device, and see if you are dealing with clogged lines, lines that are worn-down and need to be replaced, or if you do need to consider upgrading your equipment altogether.
  5. Part Replacements: All the appliances in your kitchen require additional smaller parts and components to function efficiently. All Pro is happy to inspect your equipment, and provide various regalements for things like worn-out o-rings, destroyed valve seats, corroded washers, and more. Again, we just want you to enjoy the most efficient kitchen possible, and our highly trained plumbers are equipped to provide the big and small upgrades to help you do just that.

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