One of the most commonly used plumbing appliances in your home is your toilets. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Unless your toilet completely stops working, it can be difficult to determine when you need a new one.

The following are common signs it’s time to replace your toilet:

  1. Constant clogging – From using too much toilet paper to other reasons, toilets experience clogging every once in a while. However, if your toilet is frequently clogged on a weekly basis, it’s a sign of bigger issues. Older toilets often experience constant stoppages as the years go by, causing their interiors to be worn out.
  2. Too many repairs – Toilets do not need frequent repairs. If you find yourself constantly calling a plumber to fix your toilet, it’s time to replace it. Regular repairs can drastically add up. By investing in a new toilet, you can save yourself some money by avoiding costly repairs over the years.
  3. Always running – If your toilet is constantly running, there are several things that may be causing it. Perhaps there is damage to the rubber flapper located at the bottom of the tank. Additionally, the tank’s fill valve could be damaged as well. Although these issues may be resolved through repairs, it also means you may need to replace your toilet sooner than later.
  4. There are cracks – Hairline cracks may develop in the toilet bowl, base, or tank from time to time. These tiny cracks can result in flooding at the worst possible time. If there is an active leak, the crack may be the source. If you find any cracks on your toilet, it is critical to replace it before your toilet completely breaks.
  5. Wobbling – If your toilet wobbles, you may only need to tighten the loose screws at the base of your toilet. However, wobbling can also mean there is water damage to the floor beneath the toilet, which causes the screws to not hold as tightly as they should.
  6. Increased water bills – If you think your monthly water bill is increasing, you can save money by purchasing a low flush toilet. This water saving toilet uses less than two gallons of water per flush, as opposed to older models which use three or five gallons to flush. Not only do you save money, but also save the environment.

Every toilet reaches the end of the road and requires replacement—hopefully before a major plumbing emergency. If you need your toilet repaired or replaced, our Ontario plumbers at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical can handle the job.

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