How To Tell If Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

The ductwork consists of a series of connected tubes which distribute cool or heated air throughout the rooms of your home. Regularly checking your ductwork is not only important to ensure your HVAC system is functioning properly, but having clean ducts results in good indoor air quality.

If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts in a while, the following are several warning signs that your ductwork needs cleaning immediately:

  • Dirt and debris around your vents – Over a period of time, ducts become clogged with dirt and debris, affecting the airflow and efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system. Additionally, pollutants trapped in the air ducts can be dispersed throughout the home, exacerbating allergies and other respiratory issues.
  • Signs of insect and rodent infestation – If you see, smell, or hear evidence that insects or rodents may be living in your ductwork, getting them cleaned is a no-brainer. Not only will the smell from droppings and other debris become unpleasant over time and result in health issues, but debris from these infestations can damage your HVAC system.
  • Unexplained health issues – If you or a loved one in your household experiences unexplained allergy, asthma, sinus or other respiratory problems, dirt and debris circulating through the ducts may be the cause. Since air continuously cycles through your home, having filthy ducts can have a negative effect on indoor air quality.
  • Growth of mold-like-substances – If you notice a mold-like-substance in your ducts or wet insulation, then there is most likely a moisture issue. Substances similar to mold in your ducts can result in serious breathing and respiratory issues, as well as damage the components of your heating and cooling system.
  • Increased energy bills – If your bills are becoming more costly and there is no good explanation for the increase, such as mechanical issues or consistent usage with your unit, you may have clog or leak in your ducts which reduces the efficiency of your system.

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