At All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we know there are many home improvement projects you are going to want to do yourself, and for the most part, we support this. It’s good to be handy around the house, and if you can perform certain upgrades without the assistance of a technician, you can save a good chunk of money. However, there are some home service tasks that are just better left a professional, for the safety of yourself and your equipment. Keep reading to learn what dangerous DIYs you shouldn’t do, and remember that when it comes to professional plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services, All Pro is always here for you.

5 DIY Repairs Homeowners Should Avoid at All Costs

  1. Gas Line Installation: Gas lines are an important part of many homes, as they provide fuel for appliances like ovens and heating systems. There may be times, however, where you need to install a new gas line—if you are upgrading to a furnace, for instance. As important as a functioning natural gas line is, trying to put one in yourself would be disastrous. Gas leaks are one of the biggest dangers to the average property owner, so it is essential to hire a professional if you need any gas line services in your home. And of course, if you do detect a gas leak, get out of the house and call for assistance right away.
  2. Garbage Disposal Repair: We’ve all dealt with a clogged garbage disposal before, but as tempting as it can be to just stick your fingers down the drain and try to remove a clog yourself, the potential to get your fingers caught in the impeller blades makes it not worth the risk. For serious garbage disposal clogs, and for all your other kitchen plumbing needs, hire an expert like one of our plumbers at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.
  3. Pipe Replacement: The problem with replacing pipes on your own is that unless you know exactly where the problem is, you are only likely to make things worse. This is especially true when dealing with leaks in pipes that connect to major appliances, such as dishwashers and garbage disposals. Trying to replace pipes in these areas also creates a risk of getting your fingers stuck, bumping your head, or slipping on water. At All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we offer general pipe replacement, as well as pipe repair and repiping for extensive issues, so you, your pipes, and your entire home are always completely protected.
  4. Refrigerant Refills: Refrigerant does not have to be replaced like other types of fuels, so pretty much the only time you will have to worry about this is if there is a leak in your air conditioner. If a leak should occur, do not expect to just go out, buy more refrigerant, and fix the problem on your own. Not only will the leak have to be repaired, but the chemicals that make up the average refrigerant are extremely toxic, and exposure to the gasses they emit can cause numerous health problems. So if you have noticed that your AC unit is functioning worse lately, and suspect that a refrigerant leak is to blame, just call an HVAC technician who understands how to provide your system with the right level of refrigerant.
  5. Almost Anything Electrical: While there are plenty of home service tasks you can attempt on your own, amateur electrical work is almost never a good idea. Save for replacing the occasional lightbulb or (maybe) screwing in a new outlet, electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades should all be left to an experienced electrician. While replacing that light sconce might not seem very difficult, it’s too easy to run into a wiring problem. And rather than constantly replacing fuses, it’s better to have a professional switch you to a circuit breaker panel outright. Fortunately, when it comes to all your electrical needs, you can count on All Pro to provide service that is safe, efficient, and designed to save you money in the long run.

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