Bathrooms are an important part of our day. We use them for relieving ourselves, bathing, cleaning, and plenty of other daily tasks. However, beyond the occasional cleaning, they often receive very little attention or effort. As a result, over time bathrooms can start to feel stale, outdated, or generally unappealing. This is particularly true for older bathrooms, where wear and tear of daily use and frequent problems can make the space feel like more of a burden than an actually useful room in your home.

However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Modernizing your bathroom with 21st century technology has a number of perks and benefits, and is easier and more affordable than you may have thought as well. With a simple redecoration, some new paint, and a new feature or two, your dilapidated and aging bathroom can feel fresh, new, and exciting again (and add significant value to your home at the same time).

Here are four popular upgrades that can increase the appeal and enjoyment value of your bathroom.

A Basin Sink

Basin sinks have been a fairly popular modern décor choice for several years now, and more and more homeowners are jumping on the trend. Unlike a traditional sink that’s set into your counter, a basin sink sits on top of your counter, sort of like a permanently-mounted bowl that water flows from your faucet into. Basin sinks provide a unique compromise between a classic and timeless look as well as a modern and trendy appearance all at the same time. Plus the fact that they sit above your sink means they’re less likely to spill water onto your counter down below.

Installing a basin sink will likely mean needing to completely replace your countertop, so this isn’t exactly a short or quick upgrade. However, it’s one that could have a lasting impact on your home, including substantially increasing overall value. Doubled with a minor bathroom remodel, this could be one of the best decisions you make for your future.

Rain Showers

Speaking of bathroom remodels, one of the most popular features people are choosing to add when they’re redoing their shower is a “rain” showerhead. Unlike traditional showers that blast water from a showerhead located on the wall, rain showers allow water to flow from a larger showerhead located on the ceiling. The natural force of gravity allows the water to fall evenly, and the warmth of your hot water combined with the straight-down path of the drops makes you feel as though you’re bathing in a warm and comfortable rainfall.

Rain showers are great because they require substantially less water pressure in order to operate. Many modern rain showerheads are also designed to save water, saving you money and protecting the planet in the process. Some are even designed for easy cleaning and care, requiring little maintenance to work properly for years. However, installing one of these systems may involve extending plumbing lines up into the ceiling above your shower space in order to work properly. Talk to a professional plumber to find out what needs to be done in order to make adding this new feature possible.

A Handheld Shower Nozzle

Handheld shower nozzles are also extremely popular additions to showers, and they’re considerably easier to install in most cases. While you will probably still need to run an extra water line, this type of installation is generally much faster and more affordable. Handheld shower nozzles give you the ability to quickly and seamlessly blast water at those hard to reach places on your body and even provide extra cleaning power for things like washing the shower itself or when bathing a pet. They’re extremely useful, generally inexpensive, and most people who install one can never go back to not having one for the long term again.

Point-of-Use Water Heaters

A point-of-use tankless water heater takes incoming cold water in your bathroom and heats it to the temperature you need. If you enjoy longer showers or are tired of not having any hot water left when you’re the last shower of the morning, then a point-of-use water heater is the solution to your problem. These small units can generally be installed somewhere inconspicuous, such as beneath a sink, and provide you with a potentially limitless supply of hot water. Likewise, you’ll love never having to worry about the other flaws of a tankless water heater system again.

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