You are no doubt aware of the implications of global warming for the planet, but did you know that several components of your home can contribute to the problem? That’s why it is important for you to go green with your heating and cooling systems. Here are some pointers:

Cool Your Home Naturally (Plant a Tree)

As spring makes its way into the scorching heat of summer, you’ll be looking for relief inside your home. However, cranking up your A/C isn’t good for the environment or your wallet either.

One often overlooked method to cooling your home is to plant trees strategically outside your window to cast extra shade over your home. Placement of the trees is key because you need to consider where shadows will fall at various times throughout the day.

Adjust Your Thermostat to Lower/Higher Depending on What the Weather is Like

It can be tempting to turn the thermostat up when you are cold and to turn it down when you are warm. Not only with this make your HVAC unit work harder than it should, costing you more money, this extra consumption of energy is damaging to the environment as well.

For even more cost savings and green efforts, switch to a programmable thermostat that lets you control your heating and cooling without wasting energy.

Close Chimney Flue When You’re not Using it

Chances are you don’t use your fireplace as the temperatures get warmer (if at all). Don’t forget to close that chimney flue for the season.

Not only are you granted passageway for rodents, but you are also letting cool air escape your home into the outdoors. No sense in making your A/C work overtime.

Switch to LED Bulbs and Energy Saving HVAC Products

Switching your light bulbs to LED ones is a very quick job that yields big results. Did you know that LED bulbs consume about 90 percent less power than regular light bulbs? They last longer too, which means that you’ll save money replacing them as well.
When selecting HVAC products, make sure that they are EnergyStar certified, which means that you’ve got the most energy efficient products on the market.

Switch to Solar Powered Appliances

What do you know about solar powered appliances? Here are the basics: they work well, save money and help you be environmentally friendly. A solar powered refrigerator uses about 28 percent less energy than a regular fridge.

Instead of firing up your kitchen oven, give a solar powered oven outside and harness the power of the sun to do your baking.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

To really be green, you’ve got to reduce your carbon footprint. Anything that you can do to reduce your need to heat or cool your home with your HVAC system will help with that.

Make sure that windows and doors are airtight, keeping cool air out and vice versa, depending on the season. Run ceiling fans year-round, changing the blade direction depending on the season. In the summer, close the drapes to cool your room and in the winter open them and let the sun flow in with its warmth.

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