Leaky Faucet? Here’s What to Do

A screaming or whistling faucet can drive you and your family crazy. So why keep torturing yourself and get the problem fixed? Luckily, noisy faucets can be a relatively simple fix—easy enough that you can handle making repairs on your own.

The following are the most common reasons why noises are coming from your plumbing and how to fix them:

  • You need a new aerator – Mineral deposits in the aerator—the screen which screws into the tip of the faucet—could be the cause of your noisy faucet. Unscrew the aerator and run the faucet. If the noise disappears, buy a new aerator and install it.
  • You need new washers – Whether they are wearing out or not correctly sized, they can make noises. To replace the washers, turn off the water supply and carefully dismantle the faucet. Once the handles are off, switch out the old washers with new ones.
  • Decrease water pressure – High water pressure can sometimes cause your plumbing to generate noise. Simply test your plumbing with a pressure gauge. If the pressure is more than 80 psi, you must reduce it. You can stop the noise, and protect your pipes and appliances, but installing a pressure regulator on your main water line.
  • Get your plumbing system replaced – If none of the examples above apply to your case, then you may need to replace your plumbing system. The source of the noise can be found in the pipes. Over time, they become blocked by debris and scale, making it difficult for the water to get through. Contact a professional plumber to get your pipes replaced.

The truth is, some faucets can be more problematic to fix and some people are not comfortable enough to handle the issue themselves. If this is the case, do not be ashamed to ask for professional assistance.

If you require help repairing a noisy faucet, or any other plumbing repairs, contact our Ontario plumber at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical today.