You depend on your water heater to provide you with hot water when and where you need it. A water heater needs to be built to last, and commercial water heaters are no exception. In fact, commercial water heaters are depended on to provide hot water to hundreds of people per day, every day, all year long, for many years on end. However, no matter how often you maintain your water heater or how much care you take, it will eventually wear out and need replacement.

However, determining when to replace your heater and when it might need just a simple repair isn’t always so straightforward. Here are a few ways you can tell that the time has come to replace your existing commercial water heating system.

Frequent Difficulty Meeting Demand

When your hot water system is properly sized, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever exhaust your hot water supply without putting an extraordinarily large and unusual demand on it. However, if your system can’t seem to figure out how to keep up with the demands it once met without breaking a sweat, then something’s definitely wrong.

In some cases, this can be repaired quite easily and your system can be restored. However, if this becomes a chronic and commonly-occurring problem, then odds are your system has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. While you may be able to repair your water heater and get it working again for the time being, the continual cost of frequent repairs will add up and after just a few services it’ll become far more financially feasible to replace your system completely.

Frequent Breakdowns

Something goes wrong with your heater, so you call an Ontario commercial plumber to have it fixed. A few weeks later, a new problem emerges that needs repaired. So you call and have that fixed as well. A few weeks after that, yet another new problem rears its head and you’re stuck wondering what happened to your system that was so dependable and seemingly-bulletproof for years.

The truth of the matter is components will all wear out over time, and frequent breakdowns are one obvious sign that your water heater’s life is coming to an end quickly. If you find that you’re dealing quite frequently with a water heater problem, then it’s far more financially desirable to just replace your water heater completely. This may even help you save some money in the long run as well by reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

System Age

When was the last time your water heater was replaced? Five years ago? Ten years ago? You don’t even know? If your water heater is getting old, odds are it’s only a matter of time before the problems start adding up and you’ll need to replace it completely. While a fairly new system that’s four or five years old should still have a plentiful amount of life left in it, a system that’s 15 or even 20 years old has greatly exceeded its lifespan expectations and should be replaced at the first sign of trouble.

Aging commercial water heater systems can even become a tremendous liability for a business, as they could face a serious problem such as a tank burst or major leak, which causes serious flooding damage and takes an immense amount of work (and cost) to fix. Spare your business and customers the headache and anticipate replacing your system as soon as possible when it starts to reach eight to ten years of age.

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