There are a ton of different ways that your air conditioner or heater could experience a problem. After all, these systems are complex and the true nature of your problem can be hard to diagnose without proper experience and skill. However, sometimes what might seem like a complex problem is actually incredibly simple and straightforward. In fact, you wouldn’t believe how often we’re called out to fix a problem that can be attributed to a cause that’s incredibly simple or even downright silly.

Here are three of these HVAC problems that may seem serious at the time, but they could actually have an incredibly simple solution.

Blank or Non-Responsive Thermostat

A blank or non-responsive thermostat can quickly send a shiver down someone’s spine, even in the middle of a hot summer day. When your thermostat won’t respond to any button presses or dial turning, what can you do to turn your air conditioner or heater on? Are you doomed to suffer until you can have your thermostat replaced? Has it given up the ghost completely?

The truth is, probably not. What more than likely has happened is that the battery that actually powers your thermostat has died. If you pull the main panel of your thermostat off the wall, you will probably find either a 9V battery or several AA-size cells located inside it. When these batteries die, your thermostat shuts off. Simple as that. Replace the batteries with a few that you probably have lying around on a shelf or in a closet somewhere and you should have control of your HVAC system again. If replacing the battery doesn’t turn your thermostat back on, then call a professional for help—you probably need to have your thermostat replaced.

Weak or Limited Airflow

Weak airflow can come from a number of different sources. It can be a problem with your blower fan, such as a worn-out motor. It can be an issue with the driving belt. It could even be an issue with your air conditioner freezing over or an issue with your duct system. Alternatively, it could just be an old, clogged up air filter.

Air filters strain the debris out of the air that flows through your HVAC system, thus improving your indoor air quality. However, when your filter becomes clogged up and overloaded with debris, air can’t pass through the holes in the filter. That means weaker airflow through your system, and thus weaker airflow throughout the rest of your home. That in turn also means more wear and tear on your motor fan, and thus an air conditioner or heater that’s more prone to breaking down. We always recommend having several spare air filters on hand so you can easily and quickly swap yours out when it gets too dirty. However, if you’re also hearing things like strange noises or your system is emitting some strange smells, then you probably want to call a professional—your issue is likely more serious.

Hot Air in Summer or Cold Air in Winter

Have you switched on your system in summer only to be greeted by even more hot air blowing through your home? Does this mean something has gone seriously wrong with your air conditioner? Does a blast of cold air during winter mean your heater has given out? It could… but it could also simply be an operator error. Check to make sure you haven’t accidentally turned on your air conditioner when you meant to flip on your heater or vice versa. Often times these two settings are on opposite ends of the same switch, and it’s super easy to accidentally flip this switch the wrong way if you aren’t paying close attention. Lo and behold, you may have simply just turned on one of your systems when you meant to fire up the other.

Alternatively, if you do flip on the right system and you’re greeted by nothing but a long-lasting blast of hot air in summer or cold air in winter, then there’s a chance you have a much more serious problem. This is when you should call a professional for help and an accurate diagnosis of your issue. There’s a chance you may even have to replace your system entirely.

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