Hydrojetting is a technique used by professional plumbers to clean out slow and backed-up sewage lines. It involves blasting water at high pressure through a powerful nozzle to remove blockages and clear a pathway for plumbing to function smoothly again. The nozzle may vary depending on drain size or type of clog, while the water can be sprayed at up to 35,000 pounder per square inch (or PSI.) Keep reading to learn how hydrojetting may be able to benefit your property, and hire the San Bernardino plumbing & HVAC experts at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical for hydrojetting and more today.

The Benefits of Hydrojetting

  • Breaking Up Sludge and Debris: No matter how well-maintained your plumbing system is overtime, chances are some dirt and sludge are going to build up. And if you’ve never had your system serviced, there’s going to be more than some. Either way, hydrojetting is a great way to dislodge this debris, and return water flow to normal in your commercial or residential property once again.
  • Removing Grease: Unsolved food and other runoff from cooking often leads to thick grease in your plumbing system. The longer it stays there, the greater chance it’s going to harden. This buildup can seriously clog your pipes, thereby restricting the flow of your water. A professional plumber will be able to asses how much grease you’re dealing with, and use hydrojetting to remove it as fast as possible.
  • Destroying Roots: One thing that hydrojetting does which virtually no other cleaning methods can accomplish is to pulverize tree roots encroaching in your pipes. While larger roots that have broken open pipes entirely will require serious repairs, hydrotesting the best way to get rid of normal root buildup without forcing you to completely overhaul your system.
  • Eliminating Scale: Hardened scale naturally accumulates on your plumbing walls overtime. To cut this nasty stuff out without scraping your pipes inch by inch, hydrojetting is the quickest and most efficient option.
  • General Cleaning: Sometimes, even if your pipes and drains are not severely restricted by clogs, they just require a general cleaning. This will improve the quality of your water, making it taste and feel better, in addition to helping your plumbing system recharge and function optimally. Hydrojetting can clean pipes and drains thoroughly, and may be the most cost-efficient way to get rid of anything clinging to your plumbing system’s walls.

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