With the holidays coming quickly, now’s the time to start preparing your home for the extensive use that lies ahead. Winter brings colder temperatures, holiday celebrations, long nights, and other factors which place a lot of strain on your system’s most important homes. For many throughout California’s high deserts in the inland empire, this means making sure that your heater is ready to go.

While most people think of Southern California as a warm weather paradise, the high deserts present a rather stark contrast to this image. Nights can regularly reach cold temperatures which border on freezing, and winds often carry cold temperatures and make them linger for days or even weeks on end. This is why having a dependable source of heat isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. With colder temperatures on the horizon, now is the best time to make sure your heater is ready to go for winter and ensure that you and your family will remain safe and healthy when using it. How? With a through and professional safety and tune-up inspection.

What’s in a Heating Inspection?

A heating tune-up service includes a full inspection of your system as well as several other important routine maintenance tasks and procedures that need to be done for your system regularly. Your tune-up service covers everything from your heating elements to your heat exchangers and just about everything else in between. If we spot a potentially serious issue which may cause your furnace to fail or stop producing heat imminently, we’ll let you know what we find so you can either have it fixed right away, or plan for the problem so you aren’t surprised when it comes up. However, we always advise having even small problems repaired right away so you don’t have to deal with the stress of a broken heater. Likewise, fixing problems before they become serious is often easier and cheaper as well.

Gas Furnace Safety

If you use a gas-powered furnace, this also includes checking things like your gas burner, heat exchanger, and exhaust system, which are all pivotal to both proper operation and safety for you and your home. Gas powered furnaces create carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas which is extremely harmful in elevated quantities. While your furnace is designed to properly deal with this gas in a way that’s safe and dependable, problems like shifted exhaust pipes, cracks in air handlers, and many others could result in a carbon monoxide leak, and a leak could be harmful to you and everyone else in your home. With an inspection, our professional staff will make sure you have no issues with carbon monoxide if you have a gas-burning furnace, and can even conduct repairs in order to seal up these gaps and keep your home safe.

Electric Heater Safety

Do you use an electric heat pump or electric powered furnace to heat your home? Both are fairly common in California due to our generally warmer climate, particularly by those who are eco-conscious and want to avoid the pollution created by gas furnaces. Electric heat pumps require considerable maintenance in order to prepare for winter—because they have so many moving parts, they need to be lubricated, inspected, cleaned, and prepared for the months of heavy use that lie ahead. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to ask your technician about a coil cleaning service, which will greatly improve energy efficiency and system longevity.

If you have an electric furnace, you’ll want to make sure you get your maintenance service done before you turn your system on for the first cycle of the season. With a maintenance service, a professional technician will thoroughly test and carefully inspect your electrical connections and equipment to make sure they’re safe and fault-free. Electrical issues could at the very least lead to higher energy bills, while on the more extreme end they could damage your electrical system or even spark an electrical fire.

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