A tree is a great fixture for any home, and most people are happy to have one or more in their yard. Unfortunately, trees can also be hazardous to your plumbing under certain circumstances. The problem goes back to root intrusion, which is what happens when tree or shrub roots in your yard start to grow around or even into your sewer lines. Root intrusion occurs because the moisture in your sewer system acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. Unfortunately, if root intrusion is not dealt with quickly enough, it can lead to costly and dangerous plumbing issues. The good news is that with our video camera plumbing inspections, our sewer and drain pros can detect root intrusion deep within your sewer lines, and present comprehensive solutions to take care of it ASAP. Keep reading to learn the top five signs you’re dealing with root intrusion, and never hesitate to contact All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical day or night to request service.

5 Common Signs of Root Intrusion

  1. Strange Smells: A funky, sewage smell is not a good sign under any circumstances. However, if you notice a persistent rotten egg-like odor around your property, coming from your drains or out in your yard, the problem may be even more severe than you imagine. Do not hesitate to call one of our skilled plumbers if you detect this odor, as we will be able to quickly determine if a broken sewer line is causing the offending stench. It is particularly important to hire a plumber if you notice a sewer smell accompanied by other suspicious plumbing activity, such as…
  2. Clogs: Clogs are obviously a fairly common plumbing problem, which occur for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, we can get rid of a clog fairly easily, breaking it up with a simple snake/auger (skip the liquid drain cleaners, as these tend to eat away at your plumbing system over time, and rarely get rid of severe clogs anyway.) However, a cluster of clogs around your home is often a sign of a more severe issue, such as root intrusion. Do not let frequent clogs go unchecked, as those clogs may soon lead to—
  3. Back-Ups: Back-ups are one of those plumbing issues that should always be handled immediately. While there are a number of things that can cause a back-up, severe root intrusion may lead to toxic wastewater bubbling up through sinks/drains. Remember, sewage water is a major hazard for everyone on your property, and can lead to a variety of health problems, in addition to necessitating costly repairs.
  4. Increased Rodent or Insect Activity: It’s a well-known fact that rodents and insects are drawn to nasty odors and foul environments. That’s why a sewer line leak can send the signal to the rodent and insect population that it’s open season on your property. Watch out for a sudden uptick in rats, mice, and various insects if you have a lot of trees in your yard. Obviously, pests are a problem in and of themselves, but the last thing you want is to deal with a sewer replacement on top of exterminating vermin.
  5. Pooling Water in Your Yard: When root intrusion occurs, sewage water can start to seep into the ground in your yard. When this happens, you may notice particularly wet, moist patches of grass outside your property. Again, sewage acts as a kind of natural fertilizer, so these lush patches can create a map to where root intrusion has occurred in your lines. Once more, acting quickly is critical when it comes to taking care of root intrusion, so call All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical right away if you spot these patches of pooling water in your yard. We can provide hydro jetting and other cutting-edge services to protect your sewer lines, larger plumbing system, and house, but to save as much money as possible, taking care of the problem sooner is always better!

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