Summer is a Great Time for a Heater Tune-Up!

Although we welcome the arrival of summer, that doesn’t mean we should ignore our heating unit until the fall and winter season. In fact, HVAC maintenance is critical for all seasons. You need to take care of your furnace to keep it running efficiently all year round, especially when you need it the most.

The following are several reasons why it is not a good idea to neglect your heating system during the summer:

  • You’ll regret it when you finally turn it on – If your heating system requires a repair or if it is giving off warning signs at the end of winter that it may need service, don’t put it off until next winter. Ignoring the warning signs can make the situation much worse. Last minute repairs can be costly. Additionally, it may not be possible to receive assistance immediately, which means that you could be left in the cold.
  • Heat pumps are still needed for summer – Just because you’re switching your HVAC system over from heating to cooling, doesn’t mean you can or should ignore repairing a heat pump issue. If you use a heat pump in winter, you also use one in the summer. Failing to repair your heat pump means letting your air conditioner go as well.
  • Your system is still vulnerable to dangers – Common issues such as gas leaks and dust build-up can happen any time of year since the AC and the heater use the same vents. Duct cleaning is necessary to eliminate any dust and debris buildup, preventing it from having an impact on your system’s efficiency and air quality.
  • Increased energy bills – Failing to take care of your heating system during the summer can be costly. If your system isn’t properly maintained, that means your system is working harder to be efficient, resulting in increased monthly bills.

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