Once it’s cold outside, it can be tempting to bring in space heaters and other personal heating devices to augment your central heating system. While personal heating devices are not inherently dangerous, they are the source of many fires in homes across the country. Personal heating devices like space heaters or electric blankets pose a fire hazard when used without regard to safety standards.

As many as 40% of all home fires are started by space heaters, so as the winter season gears up, it’s important to review the following appliance safety guidelines.

Four Personal Heating Device Safety Tips to Remember this Winter

Personal heating devices pose a fire hazard to homes every winter. If you use these devices, we’ve provided a few tips to help keep your home safer this winter.

  • Never Place Heating Source Near Flammable Objects: A three-foot perimeter should be established around any heating source, including fireplaces, space heaters, and wood stoves. You should also keep children and pets away from these heating sources for their protection.

  • Don’t Leave Heaters on While You’re Away: Whether you’re leaving the house for an hour or going to bed at night, you should never leave a heating source on when no one is available to monitor it. Heating sources should always be monitored to ensure they do not overheat.

  • Refrain From Plugging Space Heaters into Extension Cords or Power Strip: Heating sources like space heaters should be plugged directly into a wall outlet with no other appliances sharing the outlet. Power strips and extension cords are not designed to handle the electrical current created by space heaters. Adding a space heater to an extension cord or power strip is unsafe because it could cause these items to melt and catch fire.

  • Do Not Overload Your Outlets: Adding more than one space heater to an outlet or adding several personal devices around your home can increase the likelihood of overloading your system. Additionally, adding more than one high-wattage appliance to an outlet can strain your electrical system.

Electrical Safety Tips to Keep You Safe this Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is fun and should be enjoyed, but it’s easy to create unsafe electrical situations without realizing you’ve done so. When setting up your Christmas tree, be sure to plug your decoration into a surge protector. When decorating your tree, you should never connect more than three strings of lights. Like with your personal heating devices, you should never leave your Christmas tree plugged in when you are not home or when going to bed. Many homeowners like to decorate outdoor areas around their homes. While outdoor decorations are not inherently unsafe, it’s important to keep electrical lights and decorations at least 10 feet away from any power lines. You should always ensure your lights are plugged into extension cords designed for outdoor use. During the holiday season, it’s easy to overburden your electrical system with holiday lights and decorations. Monitor your home for dimmed lights and other signs of system instability.

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