It’s almost a new year, meaning it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions once again. At All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, one resolution we always put an emphasis on is safety. That’s why our electricians are here to help you make sure your home is completely comfortable and hazard-free in 2022. Keep reading to learn our top electrical safety resolutions for the New Year, and remember that you can count on All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical all year long.

Your Top 5 Ways to Improve Electrical Safety in the New Year

  1. Make Sure You Are Using LED Bulbs: In addition to the fact that LED bulbs consume less energy, they are also less likely to cause a fire, making them the sensible and more affordable choice for homeowners everywhere. Today’s energy-efficient LED bulbs are compatible with almost all lighting fixtures—but if you do need to schedule a lighting installation, just give our experts at All Pro a call.
  2. Install Whole-Home Surge Protection: Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes, a failure in the grid, and anything else that leads to an unexpected spike in voltage in your system. While you probably already have a ton of plug-in surge protectors in your home to prevent your appliances from getting damaged, it is a good idea to install a whole-home surge protector to make sure your electronics receive the utmost protection. After all, in the age we live in, when the grid is more overloaded than ever and more of our valuable data is stored on our electronic devices, you can hardly put a price on equipment protection.
  3. Upgrade Your Security Lighting: In addition to regular lighting installation, All Pro is thrilled to be able to offer landscape and security lighting as well. By upgrading your lighting scheme outside, you will be able to create a clear pathway for your home at night, and shine a warning sign on any unwanted intruders.
  4. Replace Old Wiring: Have your lights been flickering lately? Power suddenly shutting off? Maybe you’ve even seen evidence of burning or sparks around your outlets? If any of this sounds familiar to you, consider calling our skilled electricians to see if you could benefit from professional rewiring service. Over time, your wiring may break down because of construction damage, destruction caused by rodents, or simple old age. But no matter what the reason is, your home’s wiring is like the veins of your electrical system, and without quality wiring, your home will not be able to function.
  5. Switch from Fuses to Circuit Breakers: If your wiring is your electrical system’s veins, the panel is the heart. This is the source of power, which everything flows through. However, if your home is several decades old or older, and you’re still using a fuse box instead of a breaker panel, you will definitely want to consider an upgrade. Circuit breakers are far more convenient than fuses, as you do not have to replace them every time you trip a circuit. More importantly, breakers also react quicker to sudden electrical spikes than fuses do, making them the safer choice for modern homes.

To schedule electrical service now, call (909) 500-8193, or send us a message online. And Happy New Year from our electrical team at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical!