No one installs an air conditioner without plans to eventually use it. Once summer arrives, your air conditioner gets used without much downtime. This type of usage will require repair at some point. It’s to be expected that even if you take good care of your system, it will need occasional repairs. If your air conditioner starts performing strangely, you should make an appointment so your local AC repair specialist can perform an inspection. Early intervention and preventive maintenance can help you get in front of problems before minor issues can become something more challenging and expensive. There are times when your system gives you no warning before it fails.

Anytime a broken AC unit means living in a home without air conditioning, it can feel like an emergency, but not every malfunctioning AC system constitutes an emergency. When determining if your AC system outage rises to an emergency level, you can trust your instincts. Being hot can be an emergency if you have health issues that will become exacerbated in extreme heat. By thinking through your circumstances and using your best judgment, you will be able to use the following instances to determine when to elevate your broken air conditioner to emergency status.

If any of the following are true, you have an air conditioner emergency warranting an emergency service call:

  • You don’t have AC services and the external temperature is above 90 degrees
  • There are young children, older adults, or people in your home with health challenges
  • Your AC is malfunctioning and leaking into your home
  • Your AC is malfunctioning and causing electrical issues, like: tripping your breaker, dimming your lights, or emitting burning odors into the air.

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning but the weather outside is relatively comfortable, you can open your windows for comfort. This is an example of a situation where your outage may not constitute an emergency. While a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner is annoying, that doesn’t mean spending surcharge rates to fix it is the best option. Even if your system is working less efficiently and costing you money, you may want to wait until business hours to schedule service.

Preventive AC Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Emergency AC Repair

While it may take some time to fix your AC system, you can definitely take the opportunity to schedule ongoing maintenance to ensure your system is in good condition and ready to withstand the wear and tear it will experience during high usage months. Preventive care for your system is an important way to avoid emergency air conditioning repair. While every repair cannot be avoided, prevention saves time, money, and the life of your air conditioning system. Your local AC maintenance specialists will replace worn parts, flush your system, and replace your filters. These important checkpoints will ensure your system is operating efficiently. Plus, maintenance can improve the air quality in your home.

Routine AC Maintenance also includes many other system checkpoints, including:

  • Compressor inspection
  • Condenser inspection
  • Replace old filters
  • Inspect your thermostat
  • Inspect fan blades and belt

For those instances, you need immediate services. If you’re unsure if your air conditioning repair requires 24-hour emergency services or can wait for the standard service call, we can provide some tips to help you spot the difference between a standard and an emergency service call.

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