There are already a ton of reasons to install a new electrical panel. Having one that is old or damaged can be dangerous, as many electrical panels installed between the ’50s and ‘80s have been linked to fires and electrocutions. Plus, if you are using a fuse box rather than a breaker panel, you are settling for equipment that is less efficient and potentially less safe.

However, in the modern world we live in, there’s another reason to upgrade your electrical panel. Many electrical panels today are manufactured to be compatible with smart home technology, meaning you can enjoy even greater customization of your electrical panel and entire household. Keep reading to learn more about how upgrading your electrical panel can benefit your modern home, and remember that for all your essential electrical services, you can always count on our experts at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.

Why Upgrading Your Electrical Panel Is Beneficial If You Have Smart Devices in Your Home

  1. Fewer Bandwidth Concerns: Smart panels are built to be ether-net ready, so you use less bandwidth and can monitor your electrical use in real time. Many of today’s panels can even send data directly to your computer, so you have greater control over your electrical system and the related costs than ever before.
  2. Greater Flexibility: Smart panels can be easily installed to fit with your existing smart home equipment, so you never have to worry about overall compatibility. These panels can also monitor and control a single breaker or an entire low-voltage electrical panel, so either way, you have flexible and scalable options for your electrical needs.
  3. Better Protection: Smart electrical panels help safeguard people and equipment with reliable, high-performance technology, so every breaker and residual current device is better protected in the event of an electrical outage or power surge.
  4. Increased Efficiency: Many modern electrical panels can be wired to provide comprehensive data and detailed email alerts. This allows you to optimize the efficiency of your electrical equipment while also reducing your energy costs.
  5. More Integration: Ultimately, the best reason to install an electrical panel that is compatible with your current smart home equipment is that it brings you one step closer to complete home convenience. By having all your electrical equipment linked through one smart system, you can spend less time worrying about energy usage and costs and more time enjoying your electrical devices with ease and comfort.

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