Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

Now that the cold winter months are around the corner, millions of California residents will be using their heaters to maintain warmth, comfort, and peace of mind throughout the end of the year. However, just because you haven’t used your furnace doesn’t mean nothing is wrong with it.

Since your heating system hasn’t been used for many months, it is possible that it may underperform when you turn it on as soon as winter begins or—at worst—not work at all. Ensuring that your furnace is in working order before winter starts can help you avoid being left in the cold.

The following are several steps to take to get your heating system ready for the winter:

  • Change your air filters – It is important to change your filters every month or two. Check the filter and determine whether or not it must be replaced. In addition, keep an extra supply for the winter so you can change them as quickly as possible, making sure your heater will perform at peak efficiency throughout the months ahead.
  • Test your thermostat – Check your thermostat to ensure your furnace is properly working, preferably in the morning when it is cold outside. Just turn on the heat and set the thermostat to your preferred temperature if it was winter. If the heating unit fails to reach that temperature or takes too long, there may be an issue.
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat – If you don’t have one, consider installing a programmable thermostat, which enables homeowners to program preset temperatures for different times throughout the day, ensuring your heater works less when you’re away from home.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors – A malfunctioning heater can pose as a serious, silent hazard. When your furnace isn’t running efficiently, it is possible that carbon monoxide could permeate your entire household. Since carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, you must inspect your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in working order.
  • Vacuum ducts – An immense amount of dust can develop in your air ducts and vents. When you run your furnace, it is possible that dust within the unit can burn up and pose a carbon monoxide risk. To avoid this, uncover your vents and use an extension hose to vacuum your air ducts and vents.
  • Schedule maintenance – Whether you don’t have the time or don’t feel confident in tinkering with your heating system, you can always have a professional HVAC technician perform maintenance.

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