For many people, their home’s wiring is out of sight and out of mind. This is not a great mindset to get in however, considering how important functioning electrical wiring is to your entire household. In a way, you can think of your wiring like the veins of your electrical system, pumping power to your appliances the way your veins transport blood to your organs. Just like human bodies though, all homes experience wear and tear over time. And when it comes to your wiring, while it might seem like a pain to call for a replacement, failing to upgrade a portion or all of your home’s electrical wires can spell disaster. Keep reading for the top signs it’s time to rewire your home, and remember that for all your essential electrical services, you can count on our experts at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.

5 Common Signs You Need Home Rewiring Service

  1. Your Home Is Aging: As mentioned above, all houses become less efficient as they age. Granted, modern electrical wiring is built to last a long time, assuming it hasn’t been damaged. However, if your home is 30-years-old or older, it is definitely a good idea to call an electrician and find out if you are due for rewiring service. And if you live in a home that is more than three decades old, make sure to have your electrical system inspected on a regular basis. Wires do deteriorate as they age, so the older your home is, the greater chance there is that your wiring will lead to sparking or an electrical fire.
  2. Your Lights Often Flicker: While flickering lights might not seem like a big deal, lights that flicker on and off all the time are actually a major cause for concern. While this is fairly normal during a storm or when dealing with a faulty lightbulb, lights that flicker multiple times a day or for sustained periods of time are a sign that your home is experiencing power fluctuations (and that faulty wiring may be to blame.)
  3. Your Circuit Breakers Frequently Trip: Like flickering lights, the occasional circuit breaker is no big deal, but if this is happening every day, or if multiple circuit breakers are tripping at once, the problem may be linked to your wiring. There are several reasons for your breakers to “trip” (i.e. to cut off excess power to a specific circuit,) but if this is happening not because of external factors like storms, and you’re not doing anything to cause the tripping like plugging in too many cords at once, then the problem likely lies with your panel or your wiring.
  4. There is a Buzzing Sound Coming from Your Outlets: Buzzing is pretty much never a good sign when it comes to your electrical system, and if you find that your outlets/switches are emitting a light hum when you get near them, it’s important to investigate. It is possible there is a problem with the wiring located behind these receptacles, in which case you should hire an electrician to see if the problem lies only with your wiring or with your larger electrical system.
  5. There Is a Burning Smell Coming from Your Outlets: Much like a buzzing noise, the smell of burning is never a good sign for electrical equipment (or anything else in your home, really,) and if you ever detect that burning odor coming from your outlets, or any other part of your electrical system, you must act immediately. It is possible some of your wiring caught fire at some point, leading to that electrical burning smell you are currently detecting. Remember, even if you notice no discoloration or (God forbid) active smoke coming from your outlets, it is still a good idea to call an electrician for a safety inspection, as it is still possible something is going on in your walls.

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