With proper maintenance and repairs, your AC unit should be able to last for many years. Yet even the best AC systems break down eventually. Keep reading for the top signs you may need to replace your air conditioner, and contact the San Bernardino HVAC experts at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical for comprehensive AC installation today.

The Top 7 Signs You Need a New AC

  1. You’re not getting enough air: Perhaps the most important sign that your system is no longer cutting it, if you’re not getting enough airflow from your AC unit it may be time for a replacement. Call a technician to see if there’s a problem with the compressor, or if your ducts need to be cleaned. If there are more than one issues happening, chances are it’s better just to replace the whole thing.
  2. The air you are getting is not cool: In addition to weak air, warm air is also a huge signifier there’s something wrong with your AC unit. It’s possible that the refrigerant levels are too low, in which case you can fill them up again. If it’s a problem with the compressor or something else, however, you may be looking at replacement.
  3. Your AC is making funny noises: Screeching or grating noises coming from your AC often indicate something is wrong inside your unit, and that several parts if not the entire system need to be replaced.
  4. Your AC is emitting funky smells: Bad odors coming from your AC could mean several things. If it’s giving off a musty smell, you may have mold or mildew growing inside the unit. However, a burning smell may indicate a problem with wire insulation, which means you will want to have your system replaced as soon as possible. Either way, call a technician to know for sure.
  5. Your AC is leaking: While moisture or dampness around your air conditioner does not automatically mean it needs to be replaced, it certainly isn’t a good sign. You could have a refrigerant leak, which, in addition to being bad for your system, also poses health risks for you and your family. The condensate line could also be broken or blocked. In any case, you should call a technician to see what’s going on, and to determine whether replacement is necessary.
  6. Your energy bills keep going up: If the cost of cooling your home keeps rising, but you’re not using your AC any more than usual, the problem almost surely lies with your system. This is particularly common in cases where…
  7. Your AC is over 10 years old: The fact is that most AC units are simply not meant to last more than about 10 years. The older and more worn down your system gets, the more energy it will use to cool your home. Consider saying goodbye to that old unit, and replacing it with a modern, energy-efficient one from All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical

All Pro Does It All

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