After a long winter full of cold weather and rain, spring has finally sprung in Southern California, and with it has come warmer temperatures. And while it’s not too hot outside yet, it will only be a matter of time before we start to get a few scorchers. This means using your AC unit again, after several months of it lying dormant. To make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency, follow these simple tips to get your air conditioner ready for spring, and call All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical for your AC service needs.

All Pro’s Top Tips to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

  • Change the air filter: Changing your air filter is a key part of AC maintenance, regardless of the season. This is particularly important in springtime, however, when the rise of pollens and other allergens can wreak havoc on allergy-sufferers, and actually get spread around by your system if the filter is old or worn down.
  • Clean the system: AC units pick up a fair amount or dust and debris during months of disuse. While most California homeowners don’t have to worry too much about weather conditions outside, it is still a good idea to give the exterior and interior of your AC a quick wipe-down following the winter months. If you have a condenser unit, which is located outside your house, you may also want to hose it down, and scrub off any grime that has accumulated, too.
  • Check refrigerant levels: With AC units that have an insulated pipe of pipes (not to mention heat pumps,) you may hear noises after you turn the system on for the first time in spring. If this is the case, check to feel if any insulted pipes are cool, and if other pipes are warm. If your insulated pipes are not cool, you may have to replace the refrigerant in your unit.
  • Open vents and inspect the plastic guard under your house: If your unit is located outside, you should open the vents after winter, in order to air out the system and keep it fresh, not to mention to see if anything has gotten stuck inside. While you’re out there, you should also see if the plastic sheeting guarding your system has worn down over winter.

Call All Pro for Professional AC Inspection

In addition to all the points above, the best way to ensure your system is in fighting shape for spring is to hire a professional technician to perform an inspection. At All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, our San Bernardino HVAC experts will be able to tell if there’s something wrong with your air conditioner quickly, and offer you comprehensive solutions for solving any problem. From standard maintenance to emergency repairs, All Pro is here to take care of your system this spring and all year.

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