Who do you call when you need help with a plumbing emergency? Your trusty Ontario, CA plumbers, that’s who! So, who would you call when you are concerned about the safety and the cleanliness of your household’s water? You’d call your plumber for help for that too.

From water conservation to helping reduce your risk of your family consuming contaminated water, here is what your plumber can do for you.

Your Partner in Water Conservation

Conserving water not only helps you to save money on your water bills, but it also lets you do your part to be environmentally conscious. Given the lack of available fresh water in the world, every little bit counts.

Your plumber can help you by fixing any plumbing leaks that you discover promptly. Get in the habit of inspecting your home for potential leaks. Don’t forget to look underneath sink cabinetry for moisture. Check connecting hoses for your washing machine and ice maker on the fridge. They don’t last forever and can be a major source of leaks.

Inquire about eco-friendly plumbing fixtures. Simply by upgrading your plumbing, you can slash your household water use. Did you know that your toilet uses about a third of your home’s water? A dual flush toilet cuts that dramatically.

The Health Implications of Unclean Water

Drinking unclean water is more than just an unpleasant experience. You could be seriously jeopardizing your health. Contaminated water contains parasites and pathogens.

You could be exposing yourself to lead poisoning, salmonella, hepatitis A, eye and ear infections, respiratory infections, arsenic poisoning and more. It’s serious. If you have young children or seniors in your home, they are even at greater risk.

How Plumbers Protect You

Water can become contaminated in a variety of ways. It typically happens at the source, when toxins from the soil or surrounding environment get into the water supply.

However, even if water is treated properly, it runs the risk of being contaminated as it gets delivered to your home (i.e. through your pipes). If you’ve got an older home, it is highly likely that your pipes contain lead and other dangerous elements, which could potentially leach into the water.

It is a worthwhile investment in your health and in your home to upgrade your plumbing to PVC pipes. It’s less likely to rust and leak; you are far less likely to have contaminated water.