How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Indoors

As you run more heating equipment in your home this winter, your fossil fuel consumption will also go up. Devices that use fossil fuels emit carbon monoxide as a byproduct, and carbon monoxide can pose huge health risks to the people inside your home or business.

An odorless, colorless gas that is very toxic when inhaled, carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous, and all responsible home and business-owners should know the warning signs of carbon monoxide exposure, and make sure their carbon monoxide alarms and monitors are up to date this season. Beyond that, there are several steps you should take to reduce the chances of carbon monoxide, or CO, from interfering with your air quality.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Make sure all water heaters, boilers and even clothes dryers are being used properly. These devices are normally harmless but can pose a risk of carbon monoxide exposure if they malfunction or are operated incorrectly.
  • Check flutes on boilers and furnaces specifically, as blocked or leaky flutes are a recipe for disaster.
  • Watch out for back-drafting from furnaces, gas water heaters, wood stoves and fireplaces, which can be a major issue when wind picks up.
  • Although they are rare in California, fireplaces can also emit CO, and should not be used without proper ventilation.
  • Speaking of ventilation, keep an eye on unvented or unoxidized kerosene and gas heaters, which can quickly fill up a space with CO if left unchecked.
  • Monitor generators and other gas-powered equipment. Since you cannot taste, smell, or see CO, it is imperative that any device using fossil fuels be in prime shape before you use them.
  • This holds true year-round, but any automobile exhaust from garages should always be prevented from getting into you home in the winter.
  • Never use something like a stove for warmth, as this will almost surely cause CO to spread.

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