Have you recently called an electrician to deal with a power outage? Or maybe you needed to hire someone because of a power surge? For anyone who doesn’t work in the electrical industry, the difference between these two things probably isn’t readily apparent. However, as any skilled electrician will tell you, the difference between a power outage and a power surge is actually quite significant, especially in regards to the service your system will require. Keep reading for everything you need to know about power surges and power outages, courtesy of our experienced electricians at All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical.

Power Surges v. Power Outages

Power surges occur due to unexpected voltage increases in your electrical system. To elaborate further, a sudden change in electrical draw to one piece of equipment that’s a part of your larger system will suck power away from the rest of your electrical appliances, resulting in the power suddenly turning off. This “surge” in power is not always a problem, however, it can have a negative effect on your equipment depending on the source of the surge and when it occurs. For example, when lightning hits nearby power lines, it may send too much electricity to your wiring, potentially causing damage to equipment you may be using.

A power outage, on the other hand, just refers to a loss of electricity due to a sudden interruption in your power supply. Sometimes called “blackouts,” power outages are an issue for homeowners and business owners because they leave you without electricity and can result in data loss in computers and other devices. A key difference between outages and surges, however, is that surges can cause hardware damage to your devices as well. Sometimes, a power surge will result in an outage, meaning you may have to deal with both hardware damage and data loss. To return to the lightning strike example, a downed power line often leads to an outage. However if that power line goes down due to lightning, it may send a surge of electricity into your home that damages your equipment before taking your power away.

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